Piano Lessons with Armen Sahakyan
Before taking classes with Armen, my children took lessons for 4 years with another instructor and only learned a few songs.  But now they can pick up any sheet music and play! Thank you Armen! 

                                                                         Debbie Smith, Minnesota
After taking a break from piano for over a decade, I decided to resume lesson. I’m so thankful that I was able to find such an amazing piano instructor. Armen has a huge amount of personal talent and a vast accumulation of music knowledge, but most importantly, is his ability to instruct, inspire and motivate his students to reach their full potential. Armen has a high degree of compassion, flexibility, and humor. He has a unique ability to impart on his student the qualities of music appreciation, the joy of learning, and the drive and desire to progress.

Karen Anderson, Minnesota​

Our daughter took piano lessons for two years before we found Armen. Within a few short months under Armen’s instruction, our daughter can now play challenging repertoires, and her technical skills have improved greatly. More importantly, our daughter now enjoys practicing piano and anxiously waits for next week’s lesson. We admire Armen’s perseverance, patience, and professionalism. He is a great instructor and an inspirational musician.

                                                                   Jennifer Miller, Minnesota
I don't think I can put into words how wonderful of an instructor and a person Armen is.  Three of my children are taking lessons from him and he has been able to understand the varying personalities of each child and cater to their learning abilities.  He is kind, patient, and just an absolute delight to have in our home each week.  We feel blessed that not only did we find an amazing piano instructor but one that is willing to come to our home.  

​                                                                              ​Amanda Love, Minnesota​
It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Armen to anyone that is considering taking piano lessons.  My two children absolutely adore Armen.  We're a super busy family and so Armen's willingness to teach at our home has been a life savor.  Now I don't have to clear my schedule to take my boys to piano lessons. Also, his willingness to be flexible around my hectic schedule is one of the biggest reasons why my boys have been able to continue piano lessons for over a year now.  Thanks for all you do Armen! 

                                                                     Alexa Towne, Minnesota ​​
I've been taking piano lessons for 9 years, and recently I switched teachers because I only seemed to progress so far with my previous teachers. In the past year that I've been taking lessons from Armen I feel like I've made great progress in my piano playing skills. Armen is an amazing piano player way beyond most teachers, and he's also really nice, fun, and friendly! I would recommend him to anybody!

                                                                      Matt Marlow, Minnesota

My son enjoys taking lessons with Armen. The pieces that Armen teaches are really beautiful to hear. They are tough songs to play on the piano but since they are very beautiful songs, my son loves them and practices them every day. Armen is a dedicated teacher who loves music and he is definitely passing the passion on to my son.

                                                                 Mariam Abraham, Minnesota

I have improved tremendously since I have been taking lessons with Armen. I have had a number of different teachers, and Armen is by far the best teacher I have ever had. You will find that Armen has a deep passion for music, and that he is truly a gifted pianist and teacher. I would recommend Armen to anyone of any level from beginners to advanced. Please do not pass up on an incredible opportunity, you will not regret your decision.

                                                                        Sarah Marlow, Minnesota

Armen Sahakyan, piano instructor for our 13 and 15 year old teenagers, has been coming to our home every Tuesday for 1 1/2 years. He is a very considerate, patient, courteous and motivating teacher. Both of our children respect Armen and have improved so much under his tutelage. Our 13 year old, John, was adament that he was not interested in learning piano and had calmly sat through years of lessons without absorbing a thing. Armen was able to see something in John and would chuckle at John's stubbornness and gently prod him every time he came over to teach. Yesterday I had to call my dad to let him hear John play the piano. We are amazed that John is playing the piano and actually enjoying it. We are excited for the next year of lessons with Armen.

                                                                          Jamie Krieger, Minnesota
Getting to have Armen come to our house is such a treat. Great piano instruction (patience) and Russian (and English) speaking to boot. Yeah!

                                                                   Adrianne Johnson, Minnesota
Armen is a very gifted individual, not only in his own abilities which go well beyond the norm, but in his desires and abilities to teach and inspire others. He is the definition of a true gentleman, and that together with his passion of sharing his own artistic passion, as well as himself with others, makes him “priceless” in what is our World today.

                                                                  Steve Swanson, Minnesota
We are truly blessed to be able to have Armen come into our home and share his passion of music with our daughter Ashley. He has taught her more in one year than our older children ever learned in 3 years from a different instructor. He has a wonderful technique that has pushed Ashley to play difficult beautiful pieces of music smoothly. Ashley is always very excited for her lesson every week. We would absolutely recommend Armen to anyone considering taking piano lessons.

                                                                    ​​The Wolters, Minnesota
Ashley Rose Wolter, age 8, Minnesota -- Click on attachment 
Jessica Marlow, Minnesota -- Click on attachment 
“My son has been playing the piano for over 8 years now with several different piano teachers. He started with Armen just about 6 months ago and I can definitely see a change in him. He is much more excited to practice and looks forward to his lessons each week. I have seen him improve more in the last 6 months than the last several years. Armen is very patient but has high expectations. My son likes that he is corrected on the things he does wrong and praised for the things he does well. He is very focused and intense in his teaching method but keeps it fun also. We even started lessons via Skype a couple months ago, which I was hesitant about at first. However, we are so glad we did as it meant we were able to keep Armen as our son’s teacher. He is definitely the best piano teacher we have had so far!”

                                                      ​ Kathy Danner, Minnesota ​
Dear Armen, we just wanted to express our thanks to you In the few short months you have taught Kassidy and Kree. We have noticed that each of our children have developed confidence in playing the piano. We also enjoy the fact that we have the comfort of you teaching piano lessons in our home, we are grateful they get to learn from an amazing pianist. We look forward to you teaching them for many years to come. A BIG THANKS!
                                                 Stuart and Heidi Wallin, SLC, UT

I have three children who have been taking lessons from Armen . Each child has different goals. With my girls, Armen has taken a classical approach to teaching. I have seen improvement in their ability to sight read and in the level of songs that they can play. My son is interested in playing the piano in order to accompany himself while he sings. His lessons have been more technical with lots of theory and ear training. Armen is teaching him to hear the components of any song and break it down into melody and chords. The songs he used to play by ear used to sound pretty basic. However, after only a few months of lessons, I have noticed how much more intricate and beautiful his songs are sounding. I have spent a lot of time and energy (and money) searching for a teacher who is able to motivate and inspire my kids and teach them things that will be useful to them. Armen has done just that. He is kind and extremely talented and competent. He has done an excellent job with my kids so far and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Melanie J., SLC, UT